#RayaTogether with TVS Originals

One of the featured telemovies produced by TVS this Hari Raya season.

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KUCHING, May 11: State television station TVS welcomes the month of Syawal this year with a lineup of fun, fresh and inspiring #RayaTogether Originals with the telemovies titeld ‘Puasa Ocek-Ocek’, ‘Sehari Sebelum Raya’ and ‘Cerita Antu’.

The Puasa Ocek-Ocek telemovie follows the story of Mikael’s witty moments trying to complete his fasting for Ramadhan. However, only God knows how Mikael wishes to break his fast throughout the day.

Expect Sarawak’s cultural experience as Mikael and his friends overcome the challenges coming their way at 9.45pm on Raya eve, Wednesday (May 12). This telemovie is the directorial debut for Iqbal Harun.

The second day of Syawal introduces the viewers to Udin, the pride of Kampung Hujung Pasir who recently came back from overseas and rekindled with his old flame, Melati. Entrusted by the JKKK to organise a Hari Raya gathering, Udin is torn between meeting the villagers’ expectations and his love for Melati. Catch Udin and the gang in Sehari Sebelum Raya telemovie at 9pm on Friday (May 14).

The third Syawal brings us to Jamel, the fake shaman who is forced to deal with a ghost from the past that reemerges in Kampung Cermin Pecah. What would be Jamel’s next action as the hope of the villagers against the ghost? Watch the Cerita Antu telemovie at 10pm on Saturday (May 15).

Click and watch TVS Originals trailers here:

  1. Puasa Ocek-Ocek (https://web.facebook.com/watch/?v=139453324770963&_rdc=1&_rdr)
  2. Sehari Sebelum Raya (https://web.facebook.com/watch/?v=835553710368718&_rdc=1&_rdr)
  3. Cerita Antu (https://web.facebook.com/watch/?v=917642555682094&_rdc=1&_rdr)

TVS will also airs Legasi Seni Raya edition which features a list of local stars namely Mal Imran, Ana Mardianna and Norafizah Busman. Audience will hear for the first time ‘Joget Di Pagi Raya’, produced by Yume Suryani, sung and written by Alia Tenor, and composed by Galvin Patrick.

It does not end there as TVS news anchor Luqman Muhammad will also feature his original song titled ‘Sinaran Lebaran’. The song has been given a new arrangement with a pop jazz element since its debut in 2019.

Among other exciting programs for #RayaTogether are Sitok Sinun Raya, Syok-syok Raya Online Bersama Thorusss, Borak Teh C Peng Raya, TVSTARZ Raya, The JayC Show Raya and many more. — DayakDaily