Rare sighting: Orchid with fishy fragrance blooms at Semenggoh Rehabilitation and Botanical Garden

The rare Bulbophyllum beccarii orchid is known for its striking appearance and unusual fishy scent.

KUCHING, May 3: The rare and majestic Bulbophyllum beccarii orchid, which boasts a remarkable appearance but carries a pungent odour like rotten fish, has begun to bloom at the Orchid Garden of Semenggoh Rehabilitation and Botanical Garden last Friday (April 28).

The blooming of this exceptional and endangered species is an event that not only captivates orchid enthusiasts and nature lovers but a celebration for Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) as it highlights the importance of conservation efforts and the need to protect Sarawak’s biodiversity.

According to SFC in a post shared on its social media page today, the Bulbophyllum beccarii orchid is endemic to the island of Borneo and considered to be the most prominent species in the Bulbophyllum genus.

The orchid is known for its unique and striking appearance, with its large, green leaves and unusual flowers that bloom in clusters. The flowers have a waxy texture and are typically reddish-brown with a yellowish lip.

The fragrance they emit, however, is what sets them apart from other orchids. They have a pungent odour that is often described as smelling like rotten fish.

The most significant individual specimen measures up to 1.5 metres in height, making it an impressive sight to behold.

The blooms will last for up to 10 days, making it a fleeting yet magnificent display.

The Semenggoh Rehabilitation and Botanical Garden is home to many rare and exotic plant species, including the Bulbophyllum beccarii orchid.

The garden staff takes great care to ensure that the orchid thrives in its natural environment, providing it with the optimal conditions for growth and blooming. — DayakDaily