PBK not surprised by resignation of 9 members, aware of their desire to leave

Voon Lee Shan (File Photo)

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By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, Sept 2: Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) is not surprised by the resignation of nine party members yesterday, citing loss of confidence in the party’s leadership.

PBK president Voon Lee Shan in a press statement today said party leaders were aware of their desire to leave the party a “long time ago” and had monitored their activities and networks in political circles closely.

He also claimed that their credibility to fight for the party and for Sarawak “was doubtful”.

“The party fights for no single race or community, but fights for Sarawak and for the Sarawakian race.

“There is no provision in the party constitution for anyone or group to strengthen or champion for the cause of any particular community, whether it is for the Dayak, Bidayuh, Malay, Chinese or Orang Ulu community.

“The fight for a particular community or race can breed disunity and racialism which the party is against because it was racialism and racial politics that split Sarawakians today, engineered by selfish politicians to create one race, one religion supremacy to suppress certain communities in Sarawak, leaving Sarawak, especially rural areas, very backwards and undeveloped,” said Voon.

Voon was responding to a statement yesterday by former PBK member Kenneth Adan Silek, who resigned together with eight others members namely Ignatius Joseph Bunsuan, Robert Saweng, Leo Bunsu, Sylvester Embuas, Baba Empran, Dr Elli Luhat, Lingga Atok and Jeffery Unggat, who said the reason they left the party was that they had lost confidence in the party’s leadership.

Kenneth said the Dayak group within PBK was formed with a clear transformation vision and mission to strengthen Dayak representation and the party at large for the coming 12th State Election (PRN12).

He added the Dayak group has positioned itself to champion Dayak priorities and to participate in a significant decision making role in the party.

Kenneth was supposed to be the potential candidate for PBK in the Murum seat while others such as Ignatius, Robert, Leo, Sylvester, Baba, Dr Elli and Lingga were touted for Batu Danau, Bukit Goram, Ngemah, Meluan, Samalaju, Belaga and Gedong.

In response, Voon claimed that no one has been confirmed as candidates by the party for PRN12, not even himself, who is the party’s president.

He pointed out that the party reserves its legal rights and may take appropriate action at the appropriate time against those who intended to destroy the party, its leaders and members.

“We want honest people to fight for Sarawak, not people who want to ride on the wave of independence by PBK to raise their marketability and see how much opponents are going to offer them to get them to be turncoats,” he added.

Voon pointed out that PBK did not give and is unable to give money and position to get people to come to the political party to contest on its ticket.

He said the party had made it clear to those who were interested to join the party and they were asked to think carefully before they officially joined the party to offer themselves as candidates.

Voon said some members in the party had claimed to be president or chairman and leaders of a certain group which was not provided for by the party’s constitution.

Voon added they even demanded change to party’s constitution and scrapping off the Candidates Agreement or to change the clauses in the Agreement to suit them, in which the party disallowed because of public sentiments against party hopping. — DayakDaily