Padungan rep files 6 police reports against social media pages for slander, defamation

Wong (left) holds up three police reports while special assistant to Sarawak Pakatan Harapan chief Chong Chieng Jen, Sim Kiat Leng shows the rest of the police reports made by Wong today (Dec 10, 2018) at Kuching Police One Stop Centre.

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KUCHING, Dec 10: Padungan assemblyman Wong King Wei lodged six police reports at the Kuching Police One Stop Centre against different social media pages for slander and defamation today.

The first case was against a page which alleged that Wong had gained extraordinary wealth through involvement in a fraudulent transfer of land and money laundering in his capacity as a lawyer.

The said land involved a five-acre piece of land located beside Kuching City Mall, Batu Kawa.

The page also alleged that he had taken out a court order to demolish the house of the land owner.

“It said that I am one among the group of eight lawyers who have ganged up together to do the fraudulent transfer of land to another third party, causing the original owner to lose his land.

“This is the allegation against me. These allegations are totally baseless, meaning there is no evidence at all saying that I was involved,” said Wong at a press conference at the Kuching Police One Stop Centre today.

He said his involvement in the case was only as acting for one of the persons who had been sued for the fraudulent land transfer, whom had been acquitted by the court.

“This is a malicious allegation against me, just to bring down my reputation. I suspect my political rival who has been attacking me in recent years (is behind this),” said Wong who is a lawyer by profession.

He said his political opponent had lied to the people of Sarawak by stirring up the sentiments of people and making allegations without basis or justification.

“So they are not happy with me. I have been targeted in recent months, even throughout one year,” he said.

Wong filed a second police report against this social media page for alleging he had made big bucks and was able to own a multi-million ringgit house and furniture and even showing pictures of lavish living rooms and bedroom purportedly belonging to Wong.

Wong clarified that the pictures of the house and furniture as well as the bungalow posted by the page did not even belong to him though the house is in the same housing estate.

He said another social media page also made similar allegations that he was involved in fraudulent land transfer.

This social media page however, took one of his court orders and tampered with it, using it as evidence to accuse him of using a court order to demolish the house of the aforementioned land owner.

Wong also lodged a report against a news website which accused him of forging documents such as creating false identity cards and police reports to obtain native land.

At the same time, he lodged a second police report against the social media page belonging to the same website for publishing news that said Wong threatened the reporter of the news website to surrender to police within three days or face the music.

Wong also took yet another social media page to task, alleging the owner of the social media page had forwarded untruthful stories of him owning a multi-million ringgit house and furniture to another public social media page.

He also lodged a police report against a fifth media page. The individual behind the social media page had accused him of covering up for a corrupt businessman and of gaining unjustifiable wealth through the illegal sale of government subsidised goods.

“I see this as a highly defamatory statement saying that I am involved in a syndicate involved with the illegal sale of government subsidised goods.

“This is very serious. I don’t know what he is talking about. I am totally ignorant of what he said,” said Wong.

All these social media pages are in Mandarin. — DayakDaily