Owner reunited with cat thanks to APM

APM personnel at the scene to help retrieve the cat from the drain.

Brad Rantayy

MIRI, Feb 23: A cat trapped inside a monsoon drain in a residential area in Senadin was rescued on Friday night (Feb 22) .

The feline was lucky that its owner heard the meow from a distance while looking for the cat that night. The feline was found trapped inside a monsoon drain nearby their house.

As they were having difficulties going into the covered drain to retrieve the cat, they called up Miri Civil Defence Force (APM) for help.

Upon responding to the alert at 9.16pm, a team of three APM personnel arrived to help extricate the cat. The whole process took them less than 10 minutes.

According to the feline owner, her cat went missing earlier that day, prompting them to search for the cat.

“Fortunately we found her in time, it was freezing down there,” the owner said. — DayakDaily