Nyabong proposes setting up Rural Growth Centre near Pelagus Rapids

Nyabong debating the Supply (2023) Bill, 2022 at the DUN complex today (Nov 24, 2022). Screenshot taken from a Sarawak Public Communications Unit (Ukas) Facebook livestream.

By Ling Hui

KUCHING, Nov 24: Pelagus assemblyman Wilson Nyabong Ijang proposes a Rural Growth Centre (RGC) be built at Ng Pelagus to be the gateway to Merit, Anap, Sangan, and to Bintulu.

He said since the delineation of State constituencies in 2015, Pelagus no longer has a town as Ng Merit sub-district is now under Belaga constituency.

“As such, I do hereby propose a Rural Growth Centre (RGC) at Ng Pelagus for Pelagus constituency.

“It is timely because it can be a gateway to Merit, Anap, Sangan and to Bintulu once the ferry service at Ng Tulie is operating and the ongoing road construction from Ng Tulie to Ng Pelagus is completed,” he said.

Nyabong expressed confidence about the proposed RGC due to its strategic location near the scenic Pelagus Rapids and Pelagus National Park which can attract tourists.

“Therefore I earnestly hope that the Sarawak government will consider my request to create an RGC for Pelagus,” he said in his debate on the Supply (2023) Bill, 2022 at the Sarawak Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting here today.

Meanwhile, Nyabong also urged the Sarawak government to expedite the ferry ramp construction at Ng Tulie which was approved in 2019.

Additionally, he highlighted the need for new roads to link the Sungai Ampang bridge to Sungai Sut connecting Jalan Antaroh, as well as from Rh Mengga Batang Rajang to Rh Theophilus Unan, Rh Nyangon, Rh Umping and Rh Sigan at Ng Belabut, Baleh. — DayakDaily