No more ’10pm curfew’ in Daro once bridges completed

A screenshot of Safiee delivering his speech at the opening of Daro Festival today (Aug 14, 2022). Photo: Ukas Facebook livestream

By Nur Ashikin Louis

DARO, Aug 14: There will be no more ’10pm curfew’ for the Daro community once the mega bridge projects are completed to replace the ferry services, says Daro assemblyman Safiee Ahmad.

He said the present Daro would not be like the previous years upon the completion of Batang Paloh Bridge, Batang Lassa Bridge, Batang Igan Bridge and other bridges, as the area will then be connected with the outside community.

“In the past, by 10pm, the Daro community would be confined and locked within the area because the ferry services would end at 10pm or, at the latest, by midnight.

“However, once the bridges are completed, the people can come to Daro at any time,” he said when speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Daro Festival broadcast on Sarawak Public Communications Unit’s (Ukas) Facebook livestream today.

He also mentioned that the construction of bridges would allow Daro to become an attraction and get spillover from the local community’s economic development.

“Looking at the Daro Festival now, despite the obstacles of having to line up at the ferry point for two hours, a lot of outsiders still want to come to Daro.

“Thus, imagine that if one day all the ferries are gone, and by then we already have bridges, it will be easier for those people to come into Daro,” he added.

Presently, there are two ferry services to get to Daro, namely Batang Paloh Ferry Point and Muara Lassa Ferry Point.

Those coming from Mukah will need to take a ferry from Igan Ferry Point first before reaching Daro. — DayakDaily