New community cluster in Beluru, 34 positive cases confirmed so far


KUCHING, Sept 17: A new community cluster has been identified in Beluru after 34 individuals tested positive for Covid-19.

The State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), in a statement today, said the new cluster dubbed the Sungai Pana Cluster, involved residents from a longhouse under the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) located in the Sungai Pana area in Tinjar.

Out of a total of 149 individuals screened, 34 of them tested positive, including the index case, and 78 tested negative, while 37 others are still awaiting their test results.

According to the committee, a total of eight new cases were also reported from the cluster today, and all positive cases were brought to Miri Hospital and the Covid-19 low-risk treatment and quarantine centre in Miri district for isolation and further treatment.

Meanwhile, SDMC said from the total of 136 active clusters throughout the state, 15 clusters have reported a total of 176 new cases today, while 121 other clusters remain dormant.

Among the clusters that reported new cases are the Bungey Cluster (75), Long Urun Cluster (35), KM20 Jalan Betong Cluster (20), Kampung Segedup Cluster (12), Tinwar Keleku Cluster (8), Sungai Pana Cluster (8), Kampung Sikog Cluster (6), Industri Jalan Semeba Cluster (2), Kampung Simpok Cluster (2), Sibuluh-Nowang Cluster (2), Tanah Mawang Cluster (2), and one case each for the Jalan Usaha Jaya Dua Cluster, Kampung Dangak Cluster, Kampung Opar Cluster, as well as Bijongon Cluster.

The committee disclosed that three clusters ended today, after reporting zero new cases in the past 28 days.

The clusters are the Melikin Cluster of Serian, Jalan Airport Lama Cluster of Bintulu, and Jalan Bubut Sojak Cluster of Bau. — DayakDaily