Nanta welcomes challenge of leading another ministry, but would not refuse KPDNHEP return

Nanta speaking at Rh Untang in Sungai Yong, Kapit on Nov 6, 2022.

By Nancy Nais

KAPIT, Nov 7: Being the federal Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) minister for the past 30 months has been stressful but a privilege for Dato Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi.

Asked if he wanted to return to the same office or given the choice as a future ministerial position, Nanta said he would like to move on to another ministry.

“I will be very frank. As I said, if I think back about the daily pressure that I have been through in there for the last 30 months, I will say ‘no’ to going back and please let me try other ministry after this.

“I am sure all of you understand what KDNHEP faces everyday, even more so during the Covid-19 pandemic. Do not misunderstand me because I love helping the people but I believe they will not blame me for not wanting to go back there,” Nanta told DayakDaily in an exclusive interview at Meligai Hotel here recently.

The incumbent Member of Parliament for Kapit also believed that there may be others out there who can perhaps do better than him, who are capable with a good background to take over.

On the other hand, the caretaker minister emphasised that his ever challenging work was made easier with the cooperation and strong teamwork of his deputy minister and all KPDNHEP officials.

Acknowledging the importance of the ministry which is not just for the country but also the people, and considering all its officers’ capabilities, Nanta said if the whole team continued to pledge their commitment to the sake of the people’s well-being, then he wouldn’t mind returning to the ministry.

At the same time, he will also take it as a sign that the future Prime Minister has confidence in him to continue to helm KPDNHEP ministry.

“I am open about it. If I am reappointed, I will take it. I consider it as an advantage because then I can continue to execute the ministry’s future plans that has not been done yet.

“I will also take it as an indicator that I have done well and it will be a privilege or so to speak, to be recorded once again to go back there.

“So it will be a great trust and responsibility for me to continue all initiatives and efforts to safeguard the interests of consumers and domestic businesses in Malaysia,” Nanta said.

He added that before the dissolution of Parliament to make way for Malaysia’s 15th General Election, the ministry had many plans drawn up.

Hence, he gave assurance of his commitment to pursue these plans which will help the government’s effort to revive the economy as well as the country’s retail and domestic trade sector if he is asked to return to the same ministry.

Prior to leading KPDNHEP, Nanta was the deputy minister for Rural and Regional Development from 2013 to 2018. — DayakDaily