Nanta advises Pending rep to change style of politics as people are fed up, don’t benefit from empty words

Nanta checking on flour supply to ensure it is sufficient to meet demand for the Kaamatan and Gawai festive seasons. Photo credit: Alexander Nanta Linggi Facebook page

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By Karen Bong

KUCHING, May 26: Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong should stop finger-pointing and inflaming issues on social media and opposing policies illogically without constructive ideas because people are fed-up with empty words that will not bring any good to the people.

Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Dato Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi has advised this in responding to Yong’s latest criticisms posted on her official Facebook page, where she claimed that the prices of goods in Malaysia has risen sharply since Nanta’s administration while also questioning the actions of the Ministry in addressing this issue.

Describing Yong’s accusations and claims as a political joke, Nanta said Yong should instead change her style of politics by looking deeply into the changing trends and demands of the people, more so after being given another opportunity to become the elected representative of the people in Sarawak.

“Upholding the principles of democracy, I have never ignored or taken lightly any advice or criticisms, instead used it as a guide to plan and improve all policies in the government that would benefit the people as a whole.

“YB Pending’s friend from DAP (Democratic Action Party) was once entrusted as the deputy in this Ministry. Perhaps the same question can be directed to her friend about the efforts made during his tenure,” he said referring to Chong Chieng Jen in a statement posted on his social media account today.

Nanta, who is also Kapit MP, after examining Yong’s criticisms, pointed out that her views on the issue did not reflect the big picture as the Federal government is entering a very different landscape today, one that has never been faced before.

If compared with the time of Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) rule for 22 months, he reminded the Opposition that factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic, global food shortages, export restrictions and the Russian-Ukraine war did not exist.

“Not complaining, but the Federal government now has to face all these new and hard challenges, without neglecting the interests of the people, the government’s fiscal situation and the direction of the country to get out of the shackles of uncertainty.”

As a counter proposal, Nanta has invited Yong to join government’s programmes that are based on the principle of togetherness in order to examine for herself the impact and effectiveness of the formulated policies.

He also stressed that the government recognised the importance of taking care of the welfare of the people whereby the National Subsistence Action Council always meets to formulate strategies that are divided into three stages: short-term, medium-term and long-term.

Detailing some of the government’s policies and mechanism formulated under the jurisdiction of KPDNHEP, he explained they include enforcing controlled goods and organisation of Malaysia Sales Programmes to ensure basic necessities remain affordable for the masses, making e-commerce a catalyst to drive economic growth in Malaysia, and abolishing monopolies and cartels for certain industries.

Among other measures and actions taken include obtaining more funds under Budget 2021 to extend more benefits to rural population, providing moratorium facilities and incentives for the business community and the latest halting export of chicken from June 1 to check supply and stabilise domestic prices.

In Sarawak, he added that they include approving SEDC Energy Sdn Bhd’s application to become a major oil company in downstream oil and gas activities to enable Sarawak government to generate more income and contribute to national GDP and enabling Sarawak to regulates the downstream gas industry with exemption of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) distributors in the State from applying for permits and licenses for LPG distribution.

“Therefore, it is not my intention to ‘masuk bakul angkat sendiri’ (boast) or try to show off all the efforts that have been made, but I would like to emphasise that since being entrusted, all strengths are put in to provide the best service to various groups in society,” he added. — DayakDaily