Nanga Mujong bridge to link Kapit to Baleh Dam – Masing

Masing (fifth right) giving the thumbs up after the ‘topping up’ ceremony at the RM37 million Nanga Mujong bridge in Kapit yesterday. (Aug 2, 2020)

By Ling Hui

KUCHING, Aug 3: The RM37 million Nanga Mujong bridge which is scheduled to be completed next month (Sept 2020) will connect Kapit town to Baleh Hydroelectric Power (HEP) Dam and over 150 longhouses in the area.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing Jemut said the 700-metre Nanga Mujong bridge and the RM87 million Baleh bridge will link SMK Baleh, health clinics and over 150 longhouses to Bukit Mabong district.

“With the completion of the RM37 million (Nanga) Mujong bridge (next month) and Baleh bridge a few years ago, I can now drive from Kuching to my longhouse in Sg Majau, Mujong.

“It’s a game changer for over 150 longhouses in Baleh constituency,” said Masing after the ‘topping up’ ceremony for the Nanga Mujong bridge yesterday.

Masing (centre) giving the thumbs up at the Nanga Mujong bridge in Kapit yesterday in the presence of Nyabong (first left) and Jefferson (first right).

Masing, who is also Infrastructure and Ports Development Minister, said the road including Baleh, Nanga Mujong and Merirai bridges from Baleh HEP to Kapit town is approximately 103 kilometres.

The RM30 million Merirai bridge which is located at the upper reaches of Baleh is scheduled to be completed in April 2021.

The completion of the bridges will signify the realisation of the aspirations of Masing, Kapit MP Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi, Pelagus assemblyman Wilson Nyabong, Bukit Goram assemblyman Jefferson Jamit and Hulu Rajang MP Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong. —DayakDaily