Koh adamant in challenging Masing for Baleh

Koh Kumbong

KUCHING, Aug 3: Koh Kumbong is adamant about challenging PRS president Tan Sri Dr James Masing in Baleh constituency in the next Sarawak election due June 2021.

In a statement today, Koh of Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) disclosed he was surprised by Masing’s recent statement concerning the matter.

“With due respect and in consonance with the statement of YB Tan Sri James Masing, Malaysia being a country which adopts the democratic system, does not bar any citizen to stand as a candidate in any election.

“Therefore it is smacks of arrogance albeit a veiled threat of him (sic) to imply that my participating in the forthcoming 12th Sarawak State election will adversely affect grassroots support for my brother, YB Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong, a two-term Member of Parliament for Hulu Rajang,” Koh asserted.

He pointed out it is the electorate who will ultimately decide whom to vote for or to no longer support any incumbent. It is not up to any person, no matter how high his political office may be, to speak the minds of the people. That is the essence of democracy, he highlighted.

“To me all seats does not absolutely belong to anybody and as such anyone is free to stand in the election provided he or she is qualified and fit in accordance with the present laws.

“Tan Sri James Masing’s statement seems to pawn the fate of Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong as the support of the voters is against himself and has nothing to do with me as he has his base of supporters who supported him all this while,” Koh added.

He claimed that support for him has been increasing by the day because the average citizen wants changes, especially when Masing who is also Deputy Chief Minister has been in power for too long and is no longer relevant.

“My advice is please never overstay your welcome and always observe the writings on the wall, ’cause leaders come and go,” Koh disclosed, while also pointing out that Masing is his nephew.

Koh also apologised for not being with the latter all this while.

“Nevertheless almost all my relatives including my brother, YB Datuk Wilson Ugak is always with him all the while. Isn’t that enough? Now is high time for Baleh people to say bye bye to Tan Sri James Masing. Let the Baleh people be the determinant and may the best man win,” Koh added.

Masing had on July 31 warned Koh that the latter’s insistence of contesting against him in Baleh in the coming state election could affect the support base of his younger brother Hulu Rajang MP Ugak.

The Hulu Rajang parliamentary constituency consisted of Baleh, Pelagus and Belaga state seats, of all which are under Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS). Ugak, who is a two-term Hulu Rajang MP, is also a supreme council member of PRS. — DayakDaily