Mukah police nab man who allegedly injured son with ‘bakakok’

The suspect who has been remanded for investigation.

MUKAH, Aug 5: A man who went on the run after allegedly injuring his son with a shotgun was captured two hours after the alleged crime.

Mukah District Police Chief, Deputy Superintendent, Jimmy Panyau disclosed the suspect was arrested at about 7.25pm yesterday at Rumah Panjang Jackson Ngumbang Pangih Pakoh in Stapang.

“He has been ordered to be remanded by the court today for seven days until August 11 for investigation under Section 307A of the Penal Code” he added.

At about 5.30pm yesterday, during a drinking session with his son at their house in Kampung Keranji Madu in Selangau, the suspect, 48, took out homemade shotgun or ‘bakakok’ and fired at his 18-year-old-son.

The suspect fled the scene afterwards.

The victim had serious injuries to his left shoulder, fingers and right knee. He was sent to the Selangau health clinic before being referred to Sibu Hospital for further treatment

The police found the shotgun not far from the scene and confiscated it as evidence.

The police are still investigating the cause of the shooting. — DayakDaily