MPP urges public to be responsible, use Desa Wira Recycling Centre with care, keep it clean

Dr Sim (third left), Lo (second right), and others during the symbolic launch of the Desa Wira Recycling Centre.

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KUCHING, Jan 12: Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) claims that it is the general public’s responsibility to utilise the Desa Wira Recycling Centre with care and to keep it clean, and it is not the Council’s responsibility alone.

MPP stated this in a press statement regarding the Desa Wira Recycling Centre issue by George Lam, special assistant to Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii.

“MPP would like to emphasise that the purpose of building the recycling centre at Desa Wira is to provide the venue for the public to sort the recyclable items in proper ways and enhance the awareness among the residents cited in the vicinity area.

“Unfortunately, the recycling centre has been vandalised by irresponsible persons.

“The general public has the responsibility to utilise the facility with care as well as to upkeep the cleanliness of the recycle centre. It is not the Council’s responsibility alone,” the Council said.

MPP highlighted that, in addition to being vandalised with stolen parts, the recycle centre appears to have become a dumping ground for perishable food items such as leftover meats and vegetables in the surrounding building as well as in the recycle bins.

The actions had resulted in a foul odour and an uncomfortable environment for the nearby residents.

“The Council therefore urges the public to practise the highest degree of civic consciousness by keeping the recycle centre in clean condition.

“The public must only discard recyclable items such as plastics, glass, and paper into the bins in the proper way.

“The Council would not hesitate to take legal action against anyone caught disposing of refuse or other non-recyclable items improperly or by dumping them at the recycle centre,” MPP disclosed.

The Council went on to say that MPP spent more than RM30,000 in 2022 to conduct clearing operations at illegal dump sites.

MPP asserted that as a result, the public must appreciate the Council’s efforts in ensuring a clean and healthy municipality.

“MPP will continue to make every possible effort to resolve the problems pertaining to vandalism and illegal dumping, and MPP would like to encourage the local communities to intensify their awareness on cleanliness and healthy environment, as they play a vital role in co-creating the Healthy City and a better life for our future generations,” the Council added. — DayakDaily