More attractions, upgrades in store for Bung Bratak Heritage Centre

Minos and a group of visitors from KL at Bung Bratak Heritage Centre over the weekend.

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KUCHING, Feb 18: The Bung Bratak Heritage Centre is getting popular among local tourists for its natural beauty and cultural and traditional setting.

According to Bung Bratak Heritage Centre chairman Datuk Peter Minos, a tour group from Kuala Lumpur was at Bung Bratak over the weekend, climbing to the very top and seeing the mountain waterfall.

“They enjoyed the overnight cultural function at the mountain-top Bidayuh ancient settlement. They love staying at the traditional longhouse at Bung Bratak Heritage Centre, enjoying the mountain scenery, the fresh air, spring water and trekking at the heritage trails to the very top. Nothing compares to nature and the basics,” said Minos here.

He said that many tour groups from Kuala Lumpur had expressed their intention to visit Bung Bratak for its history, natural beauty, true uniqueness and escaping from the “concrete jungles” of Kuala Lumpur.

“They would join in the coming Bung Bratak Day on May 1, to enjoy Bidayuh cultural events, Dayak food and other festivities.

“They will join the Bung Bratak Day as they have heard a lot about it and they will bring more KL friends,” he enthused.

More heritage trails leading from Bung Bratak to nearby villages such as Kampung Opar, Kampung Grogo and Kampung Stengang are being planned.

“Bung Bratak will be a boon and special place for jungle hikers, weekend retreats and nature lovers. We are keeping our promise to gradually turn Bung Bratak into the best jungle-mountain top-historical/cultural centre in the whole of Borneo,” enthused Minos.

Minos said his committee will further improve the heritage cenre since the government has provided grants for the building of a longhouse, and a “baruk” (head house) and other basic facilities at the hill to appreciate its historical value.

“The Sarawak Museum has also done some excavation there, confirming its early history and ancient heritage,” he said.

Minos said in the past, Bung Bratak Day always attracted a few thousand Bidayuhs from all over the state.

“Some are historical enthusiasts. Some want to climb up to do some exercise, while some just want to follow the crowd,” he added.

Currently, Bung Bratak offers a maximum of 100 beds. As for the fees, for bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee/ tea, it is RM200 per night per person.

But with promotional rate of 30 per cent off, the offer now stands at RM140 per night per person. But for those who merely want to visit the heritage centre, the fee is only RM5 per person. —DayakDaily