Missing Sri Aman man, 82, found safe

Firefighters checking on the 82-year-old man's condition after he was found by villagers.

SRI AMAN, Sept 16: An octogenarian who was reported missing last night was found alive, about 1.2km from his longhouse this morning.

According to Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba), they received the emergency call at 9.46pm yesterday.

The missing man, 82, from Kg Engkeramut was last seen wearing a dark blue shirt and black shorts going for a walk barefoot at 8am.

At 5pm on the same day, his nephew who was feeding their dogs reported seeing the man collecting oil palm seeds some 200 metres away from their farm house.

He had told his uncle to return home as it was already late before going back to the longhouse to inform their family members to bring the elderly man back.

However, they could not find Tipu despite assistance from villagers after more than an hour, leading them to call the authorities for help.

A search and rescue operation (SAR) was immediately mounted by firefighters led by Sri Aman station chief PPgB William Baheng, assisted by police and villagers.

Map showing the location of Tipu Mukan longhouse and where the man was found, some 1.2km away.

The missing elderly man was finally found by villagers in the jungle at 8.15am today some 1.2km away from their longhouse.

Although in weak condition, he was reportedly safe with no injuries.

According to family members, he had similarly gone missing twice in July this year, but was found by family members and villagers. — DayakDaily