Missing girl found drowned in Sg Rajang

Police and firefighters identified Julia’s body with the help of her father.

SIBU, Aug 27: The body of seven-year-old girl Julia Purnama, who was reported missing after taking a bath at Sungai Rajang with her father on Sunday, was found at the river last night.

Julia’s body was found by her father, who carried her from the river with with the help of fellow villagers.

According to the Fire and Rescue Department, they received a call from Julia’s father at 11.24pm, informing them that he had found the daughter’s body at 10.30pm after the search and rescue operation (SAR) was suspended at 6pm yesterday.

A team from the Fire and Rescue Department was deployed to the scene and they were informed that the victim’s body was found about 100 feet away from where she was reported missing.

Julia’s body transported into police vehicle before she was taken to Sibu hospital.

“According to her father, prior to the discovery, they conducted prayers (reciting the Surah Yassin) at a surau nearby, and thereafter, he poured the Yassin water into the river where she was last seen at the first wharf.

“Shortly after, Julia’s body floated about 100 feet away near the second wharf,” the department spokesperson said.

The little girl was reported missing on Aug 25 after taking a bath by the river with her father and a 10-year-old cousin. During the 9.35am incident, Julia’s father managed to pull her cousin out of the river but he was unable to save her.

The Fire and Rescue Department immediately deployed a team to carry out SAR. They searched the vicinity for the missing girl with water surface searching methods, ropes and grappling iron equipment to go as deep as 100 feet, as well as along the river bank. — DayakDaily