Minos: PKR is cracking up, heading for big breakup

Dato Peter Minos

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KUCHING Nov 24: Like a mirror, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is cracking up and beyond repair, said political observer Datuk Peter Minos.

He opined that it was an attempt for PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to put up a brave face when he officiated the PKR Sarawak Convention in Miri yesterday (Nov 23) and said that PKR was still solid and united.

To Minos, the crack in PKR started when some top leaders put up a candidate to contest against PKR Deputy President Datuk Seri Azmin Ali last year in the party election.

“After that, party appointments made by the PKR president was staked heavily against Azmin. Then there was a sex video that was made with oblique intention to implicate Azmin.

“All pointed to one thing – some top people in PKR seek and want Azmin down and out of PKR for reasons of their own. Maybe jealousy of popular Azmin or misguided dislike of the man,” said Minos in a statement today.

Minos believed that Azmin is a seasoned political veteran and was a successful Menteri Besar of Selangor as well as a good smooth political street fighter.

“He (Azmin) knows that he must survive and I very much doubt he can now see any survival avenue in PKR. Maybe none. So he is making moves that we are witnessing and quite aware of.

“This explains why he (Azmin) openly supports (Parti Primbumi Bersatu Malaysia chairman) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for prime minister till 2023; why he (Azmin) shows an interest in his old big friends in a revived United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) and why he is not attending PKR party meetings, as if he is seeking or provoking to be sacked.”

Peter believed that Azmin interests in and for PKR are perhaps “zero” now.

“So to say that PKR is not cracking and is still united is hypocritical. PKR is cracking and heading for a big breakup. It is a matter of time.

“It is too late and even impossible for any compromise or a make-up. Azmin must have felt that enough is enough and that he could no longer absorb and stomach the insults and humiliations. That it is almost time to make severance and move on.

“We cannot blame him for that. Azmin, after all, is just being human on top of being a politician.”

Minos said he observed that during the PKR convention in Miri, top PKR leaders in Kuala Lumpur bulldozed things in Sarawak, as elsewhere.

“There was no respect for PKR Sarawak leadership. Definitely no love at all. There was no democracy, much less autonomy for PKR Sarawak. It was a PKR Kuala Lumpur show. Anwar’s show.

“PKR Sarawak members who complied did so for fear of their Kuala Lumpur masters or for a lack of choice, or currying favour with Anwar.”

According to Minos, Anwar’s boasting about winning in Sarawak in 2021 and talking of party unity and democracy was “purely dreaming and empty political rhetoric. Even empty hot airs”.

Minos pointed out that the PKR Sarawak Convention in Miri also showed that “when chips are down, it is Kuala Lumpur interests that matter with Sarawak ones sidelined and set aside”.

“This is what most Sarawkians look at with great disfavour and disapproval,” said Minos who held the view that it was impossible for Sarawak PKR Chief Baru Bian and PKR Sarawak members to miss or ignore the ill treatment.

Minos believed that any deliberate brushing aside of the ill treatment “only means that PKR Sarawak members will accept total subservience and blind obedience from their Kuala Lumpur bosses”.

To Minos, Pakatan Harapan (PH) top leaders will come to a showdown in May 2020 when Anwar will demand to take over from Dr Mahathir’s reaction is yet uncertain.

“Should this happen and most likely so, the curtain will be fall for PKR and also for Pakatan Harapan (PH). It will most likely be a demise in the making for the whole of PH. Only time will tell. But right now, we are seeing and hearing the cracks in the mirror for PKR,” said Minos. — DayakDaily