Miniature Spiderman charms the crowd at Kuching Waterfront

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By Lian Cheng and Wilfred Pilo

KUCHING, Nov 18: If you see a plumpish, diminutive Spiderman hanging out at Kuching Waterfront during weekends, that would be seven-year-old Mohd Fitri Daniqha.

What is special about young Mohd Fitri is that, unlike other children who depend on their parents for pocket money, he has been earning his own pocket money since three months ago.

He charges RM2 for three snapshots taken with him in his Spiderman attire.

However, Mohd Fitri has been catching attention not just because of his Spiderman costume and young age, but also because of his groovy dance moves.

Despite not having proper training, he dances up a storm in his costume along to a selection of songs and dance music and has been pulling in the crowds.

By the riverside, under the breeze, watching him dance was actually quite an enjoyable experience except he seldom completes his dance. Much like any young child, he sometimes loses interest before the songs end.

Mohd Fitri taking a break with his Spiderman mask off.

He has become a sweetheart of the Kuching Waterfront because of his approachability and willingness to engage in conversation with any adult who finds him adorable and want to find out more about him. Many are willing to give him a token without taking pictures with him, simply for the fact that he shows such boldness in trying to make money for himself despite his tender age.

Hailing from Kampung Rampangi, Mohd Fitri who is a Primary One student at SK Rampangi, has been “running his own show business” next to his mother’s stall, which sells bakso and kebabs at the Kuching Waterfront.

“We allow him to do that while my wife is operating the food stall. He would be hanging around here offering his services to take pictures with anyone. The money that he made, he actually used part of it to buy the speaker which he needs to use for his ‘business’ while the rest, his mother will keep for him.

“Another thing that he (Mohd Fitri) thinks that he needs and is now trying to save up for is a new Spiderman suit. As you can see, this one that he is wearing is also torn here and there,” said Fitri’s father, Mohd Amirul, who works for a state government agency.

Mohd Amirul

Meanwhile, young Fitri told DayakDaily that his favourite comic characters are Spiderman and Ultraman. Predictably, he also likes the rest of the Avengers heroes.

“I like Spiderman the most because the Spiderman costume is most “kacak” (appealing),” said Mohd Fitri whose favourite subjects in school are English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mathematics.

There are two other costumed performers at the spot where Mohd Fitri is stationed. DayakDaily journalists noticed that Mohd Fitri is usually the crowd puller and many watchers were wiling to part with their money because of Mohd Fitri. However, when Fitri receives the money, he would go and share it with the other two performers.

“Nobody bullies me because Spiderman is strong. Nobody can bully Spiderman,” said Mohd Fitri, seemingly not realising that he could make much more if he were to operate solo.

May young Mohd Fitri grow up to be a selfless hero, like Spiderman. — DayakDaily