MBKS pulls garbage bin out of blocked drain, Wee urges public not to extend driveway illegally

Wee talking about drainage issues in Kuching during his Facebook live session today (Oct 23, 2021).

By Ling Hui

KUCHING, Oct 23: Members of the public should not be extending their driveways and covering up drains with tilings illegally to increase space for parking, warns Kuching South City Council (MBKS) mayor Dato Wee Hong Seng.

He said concealing drain holes with cement structure would no doubt cause flooding and drainage issues, not to mention difficulties when trying to remove any blockage underneath the extended driveway.

“Following several complaints regarding constant flooding issue in one area, I sent a few men to check out the problem.

“We found and retrieved a garbage bin from the drain. And you could see that above the drain, the owner of the house had done tiling to extend the designated driveway for more parking.

“Actually this is illegal,” he said after playing on his Facebook live today a one-minute long video showing three workers who squeezed themselves down the drain to pull out a garbage bin and a poster sign that were blocking the drainwater.

Three workers retrieving the blockage from under the extended driveway.
A garbage bin was found in the drain.

Seeing the situation, Wee urged the public to be considerate and not to implement illegal extensions that would cause ponding water on the roads as rain water would have nowhere to flow down the drain.

“I sincerely hope for everybody’s cooperation not to repeat this. If any repairs of drains were to be done in the future, such extensions will be removed unquestionably because they were done without MBKS’ permission,” he stressed. — Dayakdaily