Massive cracks force Bekenu family to move out

Massive cracks in the house's structure and foundation have made it unsafe for the residents to stay.

By Malcolm Lau

KUCHING, June 7: A family residing at Tinting Melanjan, Bekenu were advised to move out from their house after large cracks appeared in the house’s structure and foundation due to sinking of land this morning.

A Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) team visited the site at around 10am to check the situation after receiving a report.

According to a subsequent Bomba report, no one was reported to be injured and the firefighters had also checked the house’s surroundings.

Following the check, the residents of the house were advised to evacuate as the house is deemed unsafe due to the cracks and the sinking of land which the house is built on.

The residents subsequently decided to move to a relative’s house at Lambir Jaya. — DayakDaily