Masing: Meritocracy will drive Malaysia forward

Tan Sri James Masing

KUCHING,Aug 18:  Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing believes that meritocracy should be the determining factor when developing Malaysia.

He said the development of Malaysians and the nation should not be limited by political differences and beliefs.

“We should utilise whatever skills we can get hold onto, to develop our people. Forget about our political divide.

“In doing this, we must put merits in the forefront of our principles. We must employ people for not whom they know, but what they know. 

“Race and religion have no part in developing Malaysia,” said Masing who is also Parti Rakyat Sarawak president.

He believed that nation building based on political affiliations and beliefs has been the main reason why Malaysian economic development is limited and stunted.

“We put religion and race in the forefront in deciding what to do next. Its outdated and dangerous for Malaysia’s development and progress,” said Masing in a statement.

He cited Malaysia’s neighbour, Singapore, which has a small population and limited resources, as an example that applying the right principle in nation building will lead to progress and success.

“Singapore which started with nothing, beat the heck out of Malaysia wthin half a century. 

“The economic success of Singapore is an embarrassment to Malaysia which possesses everything to be successful but yet, trailing far behind Singapore,” said Masing.— DayakDaily