Marudi rep denies allegations of favouritism in project commissions

Datu Dr Penguang Manggil

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By Peter Sibon

KUCHING, Oct 27: Marudi assemblyman Datu Dr Penguang Manggil said his policy has always been inclusive and transparent to all his constituents.

As such he denied claims that he was selective when it comes to the commissioning of projects in Marudi since he was elected in 2016.

“I have been transparent in the distribution of projects in my ‘kawasan’ (constituency). In all the 300 longhouses in Marudi, I have not been ‘selective’. My policy is to be transparent and I am ever ready to discuss and listen.

“Perhaps (the reason) those few longhouses which have not receive assistance from me and the government is because they have not asked,” Penguang told DayakDaily today.

The Assistant Minister for Local Government and Housing was commenting on a Facebook post concerning his visit to Rumah Kajan Sigeh in Long Teru, Tinjar in Marudi last Sunday (Oct 25).

He reiterated that he had confronted the person who had criticised him and threatened to harm him during his visit to the said longhouse.

“The people know what I have done and have been doing for them. In fact, the Long Teru folk have already known about the Long Teru Clinic jetty project costing RM160,000, which would be implemented under this year’s funding from my RTP (Rural Transformation Programme) grant.

“I have also explained to you about the progress of the SK Long Teru jetty and Kampung Long Teru multi-purpose hall projects under RTP 2021, in which after a comprehensive discussion, it was unanimously agreed that the multi-purpose hall project would be changed to a longhouse repair project,” he said.

Penguang added that during a discussion with the locals at Rumah Kajan he addressed several issues which were raised, including issues concerning the road rehabilitation project, the RM1,000 allocation for every longhouse unit promised by the federal government several years ago, the electricity infrastructure project in Long Teru that appeared to be at a standstill, and a water supply plant project.

“An allocation of RM1 million had been approved under the ‘People’s Project’ programme for road connectivity from the junction to the longhouse which will be implemented by JKR (Public Works Deparment),” he said.

On the RM1,000 per longhouse ‘bilek’ (household) fund, Penguang said it was initially approved by the then Barisan Nasional government administration but when the federal administration was taken over by Pakatan Harapan in 2018, the allocation was cancelled.

On the Long Teru electricity infrastructure project, he revealed it had experienced complications related to wayleave involving a few landowners.

“On the water supply plant project, I have no information about it because it was promised by my predecessor. What I do know is that whatever project which has been approved by the Rural Water Supply Department should have no problem when it comes to implementation,” Penguang said.

At the function, Penguang presented RM20,000 from his Minor Rural Project (MRP) funds to Rumah Kajan’s village security and development committee (JKKK) and RM5,000 to its women’s bureau; RM15,000 to Rumah Joseph Adat’s JKKK and RM5,000 to its women’s bureau; RM15,000 to Rumah Jarau Long Tabing’s JKKK and RM5,000 to its women’s bureau; RM7,000 to Rumah Suring Sungai Bain’s JKKK; RM20,000 to Rumah Eddie Sungai Peking’s JKKK; and RM35,000 to Rumah Ludan Sungai Peking’s JKKK.

The assistant minister also presented an additional MRP (House Repairs) allocation of RM29,000 to Rumah Eddie Sungai Peking. — DayakDaily