Mandatory to report occupational accidents to Socso within 48 hours

Philip (second right) presenting the letter for social security survivor benefits to Chua (red shirt) witnessed by Sih (left) and another.

By Karen Bong

KUCHING, Sept 1: Employers should report any occupational and workplace-related accidents to Socso within 48 hours.

Sarawak Social Security Organisation (Socso) director Philip Sangkan pointed out that it is mandatory for employers to lodge a report with the organisation within 48 hours of the accident.

“Besides paying for Socso, we want them (employers) to lodge and report any workplace-related accidents with us immediately or as soon as possible.

“This will enable Socso to process the benefit claims (for the workers),” he told DayakDaily after presenting a letter of social security survivor benefits to recipient Chua Loi Ngee at his office here today.

As for natural deaths, Philip explained that the family members of the deceased have a duty to come forward to file a report and submit an application for the benefits to be claimed.

“Also, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) can also be of help to bring and raise cases of non-work-related deaths or illnesses to Socso,” he added.

Philip reiterated advice for all employers to register with Socso if they have not done so, as well as to get their workers registered.

“This is to ensure all workers are covered by Socso so that they have some financial protection in times of need. It is compulsory for all Malaysian and foreign workers to be registered with Socso.

“The reason is shown in Mr Chua’s case whereby in the event that the deceased did not contribute (to Socso), you can imagine what would happen to their children, especially young ones, when being left behind,” he emphasised.

While Socso seemed to take a soft approach to ensure compliance, Philip however warned that they will not hesitate to tighten up enforcement by issuing compounds and even prosecuting stubborn employers.

Meanwhile, Chua finally received his letter for social security survivor benefits today after almost 27 years since his wife passed away after giving birth to their youngest child.

The contractor, who is a father of two children, only learnt about the benefits by Socso after reading it in a newspaper mid-last year following an awareness seminar.

Chua then sought advice from Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Batu Lintang chief Sih Hua Tong who assisted him all through the application process.

Sih pointed out that all the years since Chua’s wife died in 1993, he never knew and was unaware about the benefits of Socso.

“Had he during that time known and claimed the benefits, the two boys would have qualified for the education benefits as well.

“But he has been a responsible father who raised his boys up until completing college,” he said.

Sih thus pointed out that Socso formed one of the most important safety nets for workers in Malaysia including Sarawak.

“If nothing happens, you may treat it as if you wasted some money but when things happen, these benefits will be of great help or provide some kind of relief for the workers or even the families,” he said.

Echoing Philip’s advice, he also urged employers in Sarawak to look into the benefits for employees through the Socso schemes.

“We need all parties especially employers and employees to make sure they understand the importance of Socso and to make sure all can enjoy the benefits,” he added. — DayakDaily