Man stranded for 24 hours in flooded Long Beti rescued by firefighters

A Bomba rescue team assisting a stranded victim to reach Medamit town in a boat. Photo credit: TVS

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LIMBANG, Sept 21: A 31-year-old man who found himself stranded in Long Beti, Medamit for a full day due to the road being cut off by flooding was rescued by firefighters from the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) yesterday (Sept 20).

According to a TVS report, Bomba Limbang chief Chong Bui Chyan stated that their operation centre received a distress call from the police regarding the stranded individual.

In response, a rescue team was immediately despatched to the location, which was approximately 46 kilometres away from the station.

“Firefighters assisted the victim in reaching Medamit town using a boat,” he said, explaining that the man had initially contacted the police to report his situation.

The Bomba team safely transported the victim using a 60-horsepower rescue boat to Medamit town, where he was united with his relatives.

Meanwhile, the Entebang longhouse area in Kampung Lubuk Pasu experienced flooding, with water levels rising up to 0.3 metres due to heavy rainfall over the past two days.

Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM) Limbang officer, Lieutenant (PA) Mirwan Shah Masri, revealed that aside from the longhouse, other affected areas included the main road leading to Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Ukong.

APM officers checking the flooding situation at Entebang longhouse on Sept 20, 2023. Photo credit: TVS/APM Limbang

“In addition to that, Kampung Pangkalan Jawa also witnessed water levels rising up to 0.6 metres above the road,” he said in a TVS report.

He advised the 125 residents at Rumah Panjang Entebeng to remain vigilant and evacuate immediately if the situation worsened.

Mirwan Shah added that Jalan Semena which connects several longhouses was also submerged under 1.8 metres of water from street level.

“Two other longhouses, Rumah Liban Kaya and Rumah Mesul Dayat, which were previously affected, are showing signs of recovery as water levels begin to recede.

“Two days ago, the longhouse was disconnected due to flooding on the main road,” he said.

However, as of now, no temporary evacuation centre has been opened. — DayakDaily