[Letter to the Editor] MySejahtera App and vaksincovid.gov.my have yet to be synchronised?

File photo depicting a dose of the various Covid-19 vaccines. Photo source: Flickr, Creative Commons License

Letter to the Editor

By Alvin Yong

My mother is 72 with hypertension and we had a less than pleasant experience with the MySejahtera Application (MySejahtera App) and vaksincovid.gov.my website to get her vaccinated. This is my story of what happened and how we managed to find a way around the shortcomings in the Apps and website.

My mother registered for MySejahtera App using a prepaid number ending 85 as with most of us who are all required to check in at the venues we visit. On Feb 23, 2021, she registered for her vaccination through the MySejahtera Apps using this prepaid number ending 85.

In April 2021, my mother changed her handphone number to a postpaid number ending 61. On 19 April 2021, my mother managed to get through the MySejahtera helpline and informed the lady managing the helpline that her handphone number had changed to xxx61. My mother was asked to reinstall her MySejahtera App and register for vaccination using her new number. All these were done without any glitches. Her MySejahtera App even showed the new number ending 61 under the “MySJ ID’.

On May 4, 2021, we checked the website vaksincovid.gov.my and it showed “SEDANG DI PROSES” (Progressing) and the same also reflects in the new handphone number ending 61.

On May 26, 2021, having not received any notification for vaccination, we called the helpline to check. After many attempts, we managed to get through and were informed that her appointment was fixed on May 11, 2021 at the Stadium Perpaduan in Kuching.

We were obviously puzzled as we received no such notification. After further queries, the helpline then pointed out that the notification was sent to her old handphone number ending 85. This is despite what is stated in Attachment A. My mother did not go for the appointment for the obvious reason that she never received the notice which was sent to the old handphone number ending 85.

Over the next two weeks, we tried to get an appointment for my mother. However it proved impossible to do so due to the MySejahtera App or vaksincovid.gov.my (the website).

Upon checking the website using both the new and old handphone numbers, we discovered that the site shows that my mother actually has two registrations. The status under the old number ending 85 did show the appointment scheduled on May 11, 2021. We decided to wait as we understand that the vaccination appointment would be rescheduled and we will receive a new notification.

By June 15, 2021, the website for both the new and old number showed “SEDANG DIPROSES” and would remain this way till today.

We tried the helpdesk function on the MySejahtera Apps under the “60 years old and above…” and also the “I want to update my …”, however at every attempt we ended up with a pop-up stating “Name and IC/Passport Details already verified for vaccination under this MySejahtera account: xxx85”.

On June 16, 2021, my mother managed to get onto the waitlist for the vaccine at Timberland Medical Centre, Kuching (TMC). We went to TMC and waited, however when the vaccine was available, we were informed that my mother cannot receive the vaccine because the system shows that she was registered with other health facility.

My mother could not be registered at TMC despite the vaccine being available. She did not receive her vaccine. We were also unable to locate where she was registered to receive her vaccination.

We tried to add my mother as my dependant. The pop-up reads — “This dependant has been registered for vaccination with a different MySejahtera account xxx85”.

We also checked the vaksincovid.gov.my website while at TMC and as at June 16, 2021, there was no change in the status. The status was the same for the old and new handphone numbers. Both still show “SEDANG DIPROSES”.

On June 17, 2021, I managed to get a replacement sim card for the old number ending 85 from Digi. I was fortunate that the prepaid number was still valid despite not having being used since the change. We set up the old number in a separate phone and reinstalled the MySejahtera App. Upon logging in we were able to access to my mother’s MySejahtera account under the old number and there was an appointment for her vaccination that same day.

We counter checked with the website however the status for both numbers showed “SEDANG DIPROSES”.

We were fortunate we managed to get to the venue and my mother did finally get her first dose. The status on the MySejahtera App updated quite speedily after my mother received her vaccination even notifying the appointment for the second dose.

This morning (June 18, 2021), I checked the website for the status under both the new number and old number. Both show “SEDANG DIPROSES” despite my mother having received her first dose (Attachment J). I can only deduce that the MySejahtera App and the website are not in sync and one should only rely on the MySejahtera App for all the appointment dates until such time as the authorities can resolve this problem.

On June 18, 2021, I also received an email responding to my queries. Ironically, it reads —
“Please be informed that you may check on your vaccination appointment using the following methods:

● Through https://www.vaksincovid.gov.my/en/check-status/ (Key in your identity card (MyKad) and your registered telephone number to check your vaccination appointment)
● Hotline – 1800-88- 8828”

I am sure my mother is not the only Malaysian who has changed her mobile number. Many especially those who use prepaid numbers may not be as fortunate to be able to retrieve their old number which they had used to register for their MySejahtera App.

As with most applications and websites launched, there will be teething problems however under the exceptional situation of this pandemic and the race to create herd immunity, we do hope the authorities will look into the App and website and rectify the problems as and when they do arise with greater urgency. — DayakDaily

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