KPDNHEP rolls out Malaysian Family Sales Programme to alleviate cost of living

Stanley (left) speaking to one of poultry sellers in Medan Niaga Satok during the walkabout today.

KUCHING, Dec 23: Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs’ (KPDNHEP) Malaysian Family Sales Programme (PJKM) is now underway at Medan Niaga Satok and Kubah Ria as part of the federal government’s initiative to help alleviate the cost of living, especially for the low income group.

KPDNHEP in a statement today, said its Sarawak director Dato Stanley Tan today, conducted a walkabout at Medan Niaga Satok following the implementation of PJKM in 177 Parliamentary constituencies throughout the nation since last week.

The programme is a collaboration between KPDNHEP, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) and Ministry of Finance (MOF) as well as agencies under it and strategic partners from the wholesale and retail sector in addressing the situation of rising prices of goods in Malaysia and the world.

The programme offers consumers the option to get their daily necessities at prices up to 20 per cent lower compared to local market prices.

Among the goods available under the programme are chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables, cooking oil, sugar, flour, rice and processed items.

According to KPDNHEP, the ministry plans to implement the programme twice a month for a period of three months starting from Dec 4, 2021, until the end of March 2022, covering all 222 parliamentary constituencies.

Tan (third left) inspecting the price of onions sold at a stall at Medan Niaga Satok.

Meanwhile, KPDNHEP gave assurance that its enforcement officers will continue to carry out monitoring and inspections to ensure stable supply and prevent profiteering in the market.

As such, the ministry also reminded all traders to always ethically comply with the rules and laws set by the government.

For any inquiries and further information or complaints, the public may contact the ministry via WhatsApp (019-279 4317), Complaints Portal ( or email ( — DayakDaily