Kong: DAP pioneer in defending Sarawak’s rights

Michael Kong

KUCHING, May 19: Sarawak Democratic Action Party (DAP) is a pioneer in defending Sarawak’s rights, says Michael Kong, a special assistant to its chairman Chong Chieng Jen.

Kong in a statement today said in 2014, Sarawak DAP promulgated the Bintulu Declaration, which among others declares the party would ensure Sarawak be economically capable to develop, and restore the “equal partners” status, as the party’s cores and goals.

“For DAP, restoring the autonomy of Sarawak is the first step to fixing our federal governing system, which is not a reflection of regionalism, but a step to realising a better federation,” he said.

Meanwhile, in uniting Sarawakians from all walks of life, Kong said the late former chief minister Pehin Sri Adenan Satem came up with an idea, which he termed as the ‘Sarawak Value’.

According to Kong, the ‘Sarawak Value’ that the late Adenan enunciated promoted a nation of multicultural tolerance, respect, freedom, and equality among the people.

However, he also questioned whether the current Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) is adhering to Adenan’s idea.

“The answer is obviously no, GPS, along with its local partners, did not carry out the ‘Sarawak Value’; instead, they used a narrowed regional sentiment to spread hatred against West Malaysia and other places.

“This was not supposed to be a ‘Sarawak Value’ that we want and hope for. We want a harmonious, inclusive, mutually respecting society, and people in such a society are not supposed to hate a person merely because of his birthplace or origin.

“This is, regrettably, what GPS is doing. Under their hands, the ‘Sarawak Value’ became a synonym for xenophobia,” he added.

Kong opined, rejection of anything coming from outside the State and refusal to tolerate and respect people coming with goodwill merely because of their origin, are not what Sarawakians want.

“This is why I call for all determined Sarawakians to defend the true ‘Sarawak Value’, a value where we accept, tolerate and respect people, to not be clouded by xenophobia that is cloaked with regionalism.

“Hence, it is for this reason we have to defend our ‘Sarawak Value’,” he said. — DayakDaily