Kho: Bandar Kuching cannot afford to be sidelined from development

Among those present at the launching of Kho’s manifesto were (from left) SUPP secretary-general Sih Hua Tong, Kho, SUPP vice-president Datuk Lily Yong and SUPP central committee member (Pending) Tan Kai.

KUCHING, April 29: Bandar Kuching has missed out on millions of ringgit in development funds due to the failures of Democratic Action Party (DAP) representatives, said Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Bandar Kuching Kho Teck Wan.

“Due to lack of funds, Bandar Kuching, its folks and businesses suffered from floods and losses every year. The opposition has also failed to fulfill their previous election promises,” Kho said during the launch of her manifesto at Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Pending Branch, today.

She said that for the past 14 years, Bandar Kuching was not represented in the government, and thus other constituencies that are in the government are booming with development and massive infrastructure upgrading.

“How can we just stand aside and “tengok sahaja” (look and see) like the DAP representatives when other cities and towns are enjoying development in their areas?” Kho asked.

She added that at the same time, Bandar Kuching is losing its image as a vibrant city resulting in lack of job opportunities, thus worsening the brain drain effect in Sarawak.

Kho Teck Wan’s manifesto
Kho Teck Wan’s manifesto

Pointing out that Sarawak’s digital economy dream needs productive youths, she said SUPP cannot just sit and watch, while the rest of the world claims their share of the digital economy pie and Sarawak falls behind.

Expressing her commitment to fulfil her promises if elected as Bandar Kuching representative in Parliament, Kho pledged to work to the very best of her ability to bring more development, federal funds and uphold better standards for Bandar Kuching.

She is facing Democratic Action Party (DAP) newcomer Dr Kelvin Yii in a straight fight in the upcoming parliamentary election this May 9.

Kho who is also SUPP women’s chief announced her manifesto as follows:

* Building a stronger economy for Bandar Kuching
* Flood-free Bandar Kuching
* Promoting urban renewal in the city
* Boosting Bandar Kuching as a digital hub
* Education funds for needy students
* Financial assistance to promote religious harmony
* Setting up more subsidised childcare centres
* Set up more after-school programme centres
* Mobile healthcare for seniors and immobile residents
* Forming Sarawak Women Aspiration Taskforce (SWAT)

She described herself as confident, honest, articulate, responsible, unbiased, incorruptible and firm when facing tough situations in fighting for noble causes, and most importantly, loyal to Sarawak.

“I have always wanted to get into politics even during my teenage years because I understood the importance of making good political decisions that can affect many lives. It is one of my life missions to make a difference in improving the lives of my people.

“My passion for social justice and gender fairness, staunch support for the right to education, equal opportunities for all races and commitment to solving people’s problems makes me the idea Member of Parliament for Bandar Kuching,” said the 41-year-old IT engineer who graduated from Oklahoma State University, USA. — DayakDaily