‘Spot On’ with Khirudin Drahman

By DD Team

KUCHING, Dec 5: Covid-19 has posed new challenges to Fire and Rescue (Bomba) Sarawak during this year-end monsoon season due to the new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the state.

Bomba Sarawak director Khirudin Drahman said he and his teams across different areas and districts have been performing simulations to ensure SOPs for Covid-19 could merge well with the existing rescue procedures for flood victims.

He added other efforts to cope with the new situation include the involvement of more individuals from different organisations, teams and even ‘Champions’ selected from the public as Bomba representatives who are well-trained and qualified to perform Search and Rescue (SAR).

Among other topics discussed during the ‘Spot On’ session are:

  1. Covid-19 is a new challenge to Bomba on top of landas season due to extra SOPs
  2. People Champion program to educate, encourage self-rescue before Bomba arrives to help
  3. Bomba’s 3L (Lawan, Lapor, Lari) to counter with the peoples’ 3L (Lupa, Lalai, Leka)
  4. Kuching, Sibu and Miri to become regional forward bases, to reduce respond time and increase coverage
  5. Pasukan Bomba Sukarela (PBS) with 2,352 personnels to respond on behalf of Bomba when needed
  6. Khirudin: Use the Bomba emergency call number wisely and give precise information

‘Spot On’ is expected to be aired regularly, so stay tuned to Dayakdaily.com for more.—DayakDaily