‘Highlighting PKR member’s resignation is cheap publicity’

Nurhanim Mokhsen - file pic

KUCHING, Dec 19: State PKR Women today denied that Sylenthia Musa John, who had reportedly resigned from PKR to join Barisan Nasional (BN), is the official Women’s Chief for the party’s Krian branch.

PKR Sarawak Women’s chief Nurhanim Mokhsen said Sylenthia’s position as the Women’s chief for Krian has yet to be endorsed by the PKR Women state committee and PKR Women’s central committee.

“Sylenthia may have helped PKR Krian before and PKR thanks her for her volunteerism and help so far and wish her good luck in her future endeavours.

“We also wish to put on record that after consultation from the ground that her resignation from PKR is due to her personal reasons and on her own accord,” Nurhanim said in a press statement today.

Meanwhile, PKR Krian chief and Krian assemblyman Ali Biju said he preferred not to wash dirty linen about former members in public and he respects the wishes of all his party’s members.

Ali Biju also advised all his members to be careful and not to be used by others for their political agenda .

Dr James Chella, one of the many lobbyists working on the ground to win the BN ticket to contest under Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), had announced that Sylenthia had resigned from PKR to work with him.

He said he offered himself as the best man to win Saratok for BN because the grassroots have been appealing to him to enter politics.

“I have courted many Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) supporters to join me to work for the people. I told them of the need for us not to be represented by the opposition at both State Legislative Assembly and Parliament,” Dr James was quoted as saying by a local daily today.

Dr James also said that Ali Biju is a good and honest man but he would do more than Ali and work hard to get funds for the people.

However, Dr James’ self proclamation was not well received, at least not by the PKR Women’s wing.

“If he thinks that by highlighting the resignation of a Wanita from PKR Krian can lend weight to his chances of being chosen as a candidate, then it means that he is not a man with much weight of his own then. Only desperados use others to promote themselves.”

Nurhanim expressed regret that Dr James needed to seek cheap publicity to lobby for his candidacy to run for Saratok parliament seat.

The party also reminded all voters that the general election is around the corner and they expected to hear a lot of these kind of juicy stories affecting certain leaders or persons and parties which may not represent the truth. — DayakDaily