Heavy rain, soil erosion wash away old graves at Kpg Bako Hulu Muslim cemetery

The condition of the Kampung Bako Hulu Muslim cemetery after a downpour caused soil erosion.

By Wilfred Pilo

KUCHING, Jan 19: Kampung Bako Hulu Muslim cemetery, which is sited on a hillslope some 30km from here, is hit by a downpour and landslide, again.

A village spokesperson claimed an unaccounted number of old graves had been washed away due to soil erosion caused by heavy rain since Friday night.

“The worst affected section is the one with no retention wall. Graves in those sections with retention walls were not affected by the rain last night,” he told DayakDaily when contacted today.

He added that the government had built retention walls in certain parts of the cemetery several years ago after soil erosion caused a few hundred old graves to be washed away.

“We notified the authority as soon as we found out what had happened (last night). The elected representatives for the area told us they would be coming over with government officials to check on the situation.

“As a temporary measure, we may need some plastic sheets to stop the soil from further eroding,” he revealed.

The spokesman said the whole cemetery did not have retention walls due to lack of funds.

“Today, we saw the devastation again. It is very sad to see the cemetery in such a condition,” he said. — DayakDaily