Grisly discovery confirms fate of croc attack victim

The recovered human body parts.

KUCHING: A search and rescue (SAR) team recovered body parts of a suspected crocodile attack victim today on the third day of the search and rescue (SAR) operation.

The victim was identified as Bentayan Ilah, 31. The recovered human body parts were verified by his family members.

On Sunday, the Betong Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) had received a call at about 5.30pm informing them about the incident and a SAR team was despatched to the scene at Sungai Kuala Besar, Kampung Hulu Tambak, Pusa, Betong.

At about 1pm today, SAR personnel located a left human leg, followed by a right human hand at about 2.23pm. At about 3.05pm, they found the head of the victim.

The recovered human body parts are carried up the river bank.

The body parts were discovered within 20km from the scene of the attack heading upstream at Kampung Sabang.

The SAR operation which includes Bomba personnel, personnel from other agencies including the police and Civil Defence Force as well as villagers is ongoing to locate the remaining missing body parts of the victim.

Some of the riverine vessels utilised in the SAR operation.

Some 100 villagers utilising about 21 of their own boats took part in the SAR operation.