GPS in good shape to retain Machan and Ngemah, says former Machan rep

Dato Sri Gramong Juna

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KANOWIT, Dec 8: Former Machan assemblyman Dato Sri Gramong Juna is confident that the two Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) candidates in Kanowit will win their respective constituencies in this 12th State Election.

Gramong who is also the director of operations of the GPS Machan operation room opined that his son, incumbent Allan Siden Gramong, will retain the Machan seat which he first won in the 2016 State election.

Gramong was the Machan rep from 1979 until 2016 when Allan took over.

Gramong also predicted that GPS candidate for N49 Ngemah Anyi Jana, who is a fresh face, would also get strong support from the voters in the constituency.

“Based on my observation at grassroots level, both Allan and Anyi will deliver the goods in the two constituencies,” he said in an interview.

Anyi has been entrusted by the top GPS leadership to replace incumbent, Alexander Vincent who won the seat with a 154-vote majority in the last election.

Gramong believed that the new GPS candidate for Ngemah will bring new impetus, new ideas and new agendas to the constituency, based on positive feedback from the grassroots level that he will be accepted by the voters

“I believe that voters in both Machan and Ngemah constituencies have seen vast development that have been implemented by the GPS government and also its agendas that have benefited them,” he said.

He also called on the people of Machan and Ngemah to continue giving their undivided support to candidates from GPS.

“I urge all voters to go all out and vote for the two GPS candidate,” he said. — DayakDaily