GE15: Suspended voting in Baram resumes today

Voters in ankle-deep floodwaters outside one of the polling centres in Long Bemang.

KUCHING, Nov 21: The voting process for P220 Baram resumes today after it was suspended due to bad weather and flooding in several areas on Nov 19.

Election Commission (EC) secretary Dato Indera Ikmalrudin Ishak has listed the affected polling stations in a statement today.

They are as follows:

1. SK Long Naah (Station 1 and 2) — 7.30am to 1pm
2. SK Long Luteng (Station 2) — 7.30am to 2pm
3. Rh Tk Matthew Belulok Lalo Kpg Lepo Gah (Station 1 and 2) — 7.30am to 12pm
4. SK Long Sait (Station 2) — 7.30am to 12pm
5. SK Long Tungan (Station 1 and 2) — 7.30am to 12pm
6. SK Long Moh (Station 1 and 2) — 7.30am to 1pm
7. SK Long Mekabar (Station 1) — 7.30am to 12pm
8. SK Long Jekitan (Station 1 and 2) — 7.30am to 12pm
9. SK Long Lamei (Station 2) — 7.30am to 12pm
10. SK Lio Mato (Station 1 and 2) — 7.30am to 12pm
11. SK Long Banga (Station 1 and 2) — 7.30am to 12pm
12. Rh Tk John Jau Wan Lg Semiang (Station 1) — 7.30am to 12pm

P220 Baram is the only parliamentary seat in Sarawak for the 15th General Election (GE15) which official result has not been announced.

There are 59,535 eligible voters in the parliamentary seat.

Unofficial result for P220 Baram as of 11.45pm on Nov 19, 2022. Photo credit: Sarawak Public Communications Unit (Ukas)

In GE15, the federal seat is seeing a three-cornered fight between Dato Anyi Ngau of Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS), Roland Engan of Pakatan Harapan and Independent candidate Wilfred Entika.

According to unofficial results as of 11.45pm on Nov 19, Anyi was leading with 10,166 votes followed by Roland with 5,879 votes and Wilfred with 152 votes. — DayakDaily