Flower vendors trading without permit in Sibu ordered to stop by SMC

SMC enforcement personnel advising a flower seller to obtain the necessary permit and to only set up stalls in the designated areas.

SIBU, March 28: Several flower vendors operating illegally at roadsides around town for the Ching Ming Festival have been ordered to cease trade immediately by the Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) today.

SMC General Purpose and Community Services Standing Committee Chairman Councilor Donna Petrus Ngelai said the sellers involved were operating in Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, Jalan Teng Chin Hua, Jalan Teku, Jalan Quarry, and the bus stop area.

“The council is prohibiting flower sellers from doing their business without permits in unauthorised places such as in the places mentioned.

“So far, the sale of flowers in conjunction with the Ching Ming Festival is only allowed at the Palace Theater near the parking lot here and merchants who have been allowed (have permits) to sell flowers on the sidewalks of their shops,” he said.

He added that SMC does not allow the sale of flowers in certain areas to avoid traffic congestion and to ensure the safety of traders and other road users.

Donna said that the seller should first apply for a permit from SMC to do business on the sidewalk area of ​​shophouses.

The council enforcement team will continue to conduct monitoring throughout the town.

“No action was taken, as the enforcement officers have only advised traders to move their temporary stalls and to go and apply for a permit to trade at any permitted shop sidewalk area,” he stressed.

Donna also hopes that the flower sellers or dealers here will understand and be able to cooperate with the MPS in solving the traffic problem in town.

The Ching Ming Festival will be celebrated on April 5, which is one of the traditional festivals celebrated by the Chinese community to commemorate and clean their ancestral burial grounds of deceased family members. — DayakDaily