Flash flood hits Tmn Mawar, Bau for the first time in 16 years due to narrow, littered drains

Mordi (third left) inspecting one of the drains at Taman Mawar with his service centre team on March 4, 2023.

KUCHING, March 6: The Taman Mawar residential area in Bau has been hit by flash flood for the first time in 16 years, says Mas Gading MP Mordi Bimol.

He said the residents who had not expected their houses to be submerged in knee-height flood water, now suffer property losses.

A survey later found that the culvert drains at Taman Mawar that are too narrow and clogged with litter to be one of the causes of the flash floods.

“In addition, land clearing activities at the hillsides nearby also resulted in soil silt and muddy water overflowing into the housing area,” said Mordi in a statement today.

One of the culvert drains at Taman Mawar that is clogged with waste.

Together with his service centre staff, Mordi visited the Taman Mawar residential area on Saturday (March 4) to see for themselves the effects of flash flood.

Also participating hitting the ground were representatives from the Bau District Council (MDB), Public Works Department (JKR), PPES Works Sdn Bhd (CMS) and the Bau Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID).

Following discussions with local residents, it was proposed that existing culverts to be upgraded to be larger ones and turn earth drains into concrete ones.

In terms of immediate assistance to the flood victims, Mordi said trash can will be replaced and arrangement will be made for trucks to collect damaged property.— Dayakdaily