Fisherman from Kampung Nelayan Kuala Bakam feared lost at sea after heavy rains

Marine police boat at the scene.

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By Brad Rantayy

MIRI, Mar 5: A local fisherman from Kampung Nelayan Kuala Bakam has been reported missing after failing to return home Thursday morning from his fishing trip.

A search and rescue (SAR) was immediately mounted by the police, Bomba and villagers after the victim’s boat was spotted anchored about 500m away from the Kampung Kuala Bakam beach.

According to the missing fisherman’s son Jabie Kadri, who was met at the scene on Thursday morning, several villagers found the boat around 8am.

“But my father was not on the boat,” he said.

Worried, they immediately alerted authorities who rushed to the scene.

It has been raining heavily since Wednesday night. It was believed that Kadri Tera, 71, had gone out to sea alone looking for prawns on Wednesday night.

He was spotted walking towards his boat at the Kuala Bakam beach around 10.30pm on March 4.

Most of his personal belongings were intact, including the fishing net found inside the boat. —DayakDaily

The missing fisherman, Kadri Tera.
Kadri Tera’s belongings found inside his fishing boat.