Firefighters conduct safety check on popular route to view Mulu pinnacles

Mocsar team member Kenneth Nilong checking on a rope which climbers use on the Gunung Api Pinnacles route.

By Malcolm Lau

MULU, Aug 23: A Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Mountain Cave Search and Rescue Mulu (Mocsar) team was deployed to monitor and check the safety of the route to the Gunung Api pinnacle viewpoint at Gunung Mulu National Park.

According to a statement from Bomba Marudi, on Aug 20, the Mocsar Mulu team started the 3-day operation by heading towards Kuala Litut using a boat. The team later proceeded to Camp 5 which is 5.9km away from Kuala Litut, where the team stayed overnight.

The next day, the team began the 2.4km climb towards the Gunung Api pinnacle viewpoint at 6am. The team checked all the ropes and screws which were set at the stairs heading towards the destination.

Mocsar team members Layang Berasap (carrying a blue bag) and Jimmy Jarau inspecting one of the ladders leading to the Gunung Api pinnacle view point.

The team also checked fire hydrants and all the Bomba facilities located at Camp 5 on Aug 22.

The team later concluded that there were some ropes at certain areas that needed to change and informed the relevant parties to replace them immediately as a safety precaution. — DayakDaily