Facilities, amenities in some schools in Lubok Antu depressing — MP

Jugah (right) speaking to MOE officers at SMK Engkilili.

LUBOK ANTU, Feb 22: Lubok Antu MP Jugah Muyang hopes SMK Engkilili will be upgraded soon as it is dilapidated.

“I have also visited SK Nanga Menyebat, SK Nanga Kesit, SK Nanga Menjuauand SK Nanga Tibu, and it is very sad to see the facilities and amenities that are old and dilapidated. There is no question that these schools are categorised as dilapidated as they have undergone wear and tear since they were built some 40 years ago.

“These schools are dilapidated even though they are at the edge of a town, and we (together with the representatives from the Ministry of Education) have yet to visit the interior,” he said after visiting SMK Engkilili with MOE officers from Putrajaya.

As for the teachers, Jugah said he was amazed that they remained very enthusiastic in their teaching despite being surrounded by dilapidating infrastructure.

Jugah (right) holding a document and speaking to MOE officers at SMK Engkilili.

“Even their students were very motivated and in high spirits despite stuying in such schools. We were very impressed with the attitudes shown by these students, who were very keen to learn and study.

“They could even recite poems in English to show their good command of the language. They were captivated by science subjects and what they had learned in the laboratory.”

Beside addressing the poor conditions of the schools, Jugah also touched on the need to give teachers high quality training in order to better educate their students.

He opined that only education could get rid of poverty, especially in the rural areas.

“If rural students are successful in their education, they can change the social-economic well-being of themselves and their families.”

He believed some rural students from poor families were very talented and could excel if given the right teachers and facilities, including full boarding.

On Lubok Antu being listed as the 7th poorest district, Jugah said he felt ashamed by the findings of the research done, but hoped the authorities concerned would accept the findings with an open mind. — DayakDaily.