Exciting events galore at coming Sarawak Day celebration

Fatimah (centre) speaking at the press conference today.

KUCHING, July 13: The Sarawak Day celebration will see six exciting events including a musical theatre performance, a special video titled Sarawak Makmur and live performances by well known local artists from Malaysia.

Head of State Tun Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and his wife Toh Puan Datuk Patinggi Raghad Kurdi Taib are expected to grace the event which will be held on July 22, at 8pm in Sibu Indoor Stadium.

Speaking at a press conference today, Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah said Sarawak Day is one of the major events on the State’s calendar for remembering the important moment in history and to spread the spirit of love for Sarawak.

“The musical theatre performance comprises of testimony and experience based on true stories that happened in Sarawak in achieving the goal towards independence. It reveals the political philosophy of the people of Sarawak. Despite the different beliefs, the goal remains the same, ‘freedom of Sarawak’.

“It will be a colorful and bittersweet performance, showing the unity and harmony of Sarawakians and the struggles of previous leaders who has shaped what we’ve inherited in the present. This will be followed the struggles of our current leaders towards the progress and prosperity of the State,” Fatimah said.

A special patriotic song titled ‘Dirgahayu Sarawak’ promises to touch the soul of Sarawakians and further evoke the spirit of love among the people of Sarawak.

Created by Sharnaz Saberi (Prodigy Orchestra), Fatimah explained that music is universal regardless of time and background.

Apart from uniting the people, she said it is through music that the meaning of humanity, love and harmony can be conveyed to the people.

Meanwhile, a video screening titled Sarawak Makmur is to tell the people that once upon a time, there were five Ancient Kingdoms of Sarawak.

“The history of Sarawak is often said to have started only during the reign of the Brunei Government and the Brooke Family for 100 years in the land of Sarawak known as the Sarawak Kingdom. These ancient kingdoms are Santubong State Government, Samarahan-Sadong State Government, Kalaka State Government, Saribas State Government and Malano State Government.

“Sarawak was finally able to govern itself on July 22, 1963, and since then, it has continued to make strides towards the formation of a sovereign state.

“Under the leadership of previous leaders, Sarawak built its own identity and under the current leaders, Sarawak continues to be intact, harmonious and prosperous.

“Various plans and initiatives by the Sarawak government will ensure that Sarawak remains competitive and will continue to drive success,” Fatimah said.

There will also be a dance performance themed ‘Thousand Hands, Thousand Hopes’ and live concert by Faizal Tahir, Ricky Andrewson, Claudia Geres, Gabriel Fairuz Louis, Material Paradise and Valarie Thiam, followed by Prodigy Orchestra Presentation and Tuku Kame.

Founded by Sharnaz Saberi about a decade ago, the Prodigy Orchestra provides a platform for Sarawak and Malaysian children to develop their talent in music and performing arts.

The world class Tuku Kame will also perform on July 22.

“This is Sarawak’s pride and joy, being a home brand that made Malaysia famous when they won eight gold medals at the World Championship of Performing Arts, in Los Angelas, California in 2009. Under the leadership of Narawi Rashidi from National Art, Tuku Kame continues to stand out since its inception 20 years ago,”Fatimah said.

The public can watch the celebration live via TVS at Astro 122 and MyTV, Ukas Facebook page or UKAS Channel in YouTube. — DayakDaily