En masse resignation within PKR Sarawak necessary to create united party

Robert Lim

SIBU, May 21: A newly appointed coordinator for PKR Sibu has spoken on the rationale by its state body for asking the whole committees of eight divisions in the state to resign en masse.

The eight divisions included Mas Gading, Bandar Kuching, Stampin, Petra Jaya, Kanowit, Lanang, Lubok Antu and Bintulu.

Robert Lim claimed that the group had been aligned to Datuk Seri Azmin Ali for as early as 12 years prior, and alleged that they had been working with him to prevent party supremo Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from becoming prime minister.

On the group’s claim that the party had deviated from its original purpose of fighting for justice and equality for all but was only interested in propelling the party’s president to the office of the prime minister of Malaysia as a reason for their resignation, Lim said they were only using it as an excuse to cover themselves.

“Their names have been removed from the state committee so naturally, they have to resign,” he said.

“We do not only receive support from party members but also members of the public asking them to resign. I hope those from this group who won in the last general election under the party ticket would also resign as Members of Parliament,” he said.

Sng had on May 19 said more coordinators will be appointed for other branches in the coming days where their work would be to help rebuild the party.

According to Sng from their record, more than 100 members have resigned or been suspended from the party over the past two months.

The restructuring of these divisions statewide, he anticipated would be completed by June 2020.

When this is done, he said the party “will come out stronger and more united than ever before.” —DayakDaily