Dr Yii: time for Sarawak to introduce anti-hopping law

DAP Sarawak Kelvin Yii (centre) speaking at a press conference, accompanied by Violet Yong (left) and Michael Kong.

KUCHING, Dec 9: DAP’s candidate for N14 Batu Kawah Dr Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen has called for Sarawak to introduce its own version of an anti-hopping law.

“It is about time for Sarawak to do so. The people have become increasingly jaded with the political process as politicians betray the mandate given by the people. It is time to restore their faith in the process and introduce the necessary reforms,” Dr Yii told at a press conference today.

As Sarawak’s future and the future of its people is closely tied to how it is governed, Dr Yii asserts that good governance and a stronger check and balance will ensure the voice of Sarawakians continue to be upheld.

For a government to be of the people, by the people, for the people, he added that its supreme legislative branch must be reformed to ensure greater transparency and accountability.

He then called for a reform of the Sarawak State Assembly (DUN) to ensure a stronger voice for Sarawakians.

“The road to progress starts with good governance. Governance makes or breaks a state, and for Sarawak to move forward, it needs the right building blocks so its people will prosper.

“With more resources coming into Sarawak and even more devolution of powers, it is even more pertinent that a greater check and balance is in place so that it does not just enrich the elites and cronies but goes down to the people who need them,” he said.

Yii added that the process of rebuilding Sarawak requires the voices of many, and reforms should start with the highest legislative body of the state and DUN should not be a rubber stamp of any government formed once this election is over.

Insisting that the system must be changed, Yii said it is therefore their mission to fight for that change and lay strong foundations of good governance for Sarawak’s future.

Among the reforms which DAP Sarawak will advocate for to benefit Sarawakians are: extend DUN sitting days because currently it is convened only twice a year and each time lasting approximately 10 days, which is insufficient to cover the breadth of issues concerning Sarawakians.

“The chief minister to be present in DUN sitting to answer questions from the floor by both divides directly and all proceedings from the main chamber, special chamber, and select committees should be broadcasted live and be accessible to the public on Sarawak DUN’s website.

“Equal allocation must be given to all constituencies regardless if an elected representative is from the government or Opposition to ensure no Sarawakians are left behind and the Sarawak Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is to be chaired by an Opposition representative to ensure proper checks and balances,” Dr Yii said. — DayakDaily