Dr Sim chided for ‘threatening’ Lanang voters

KUCHING, March 25: Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) president Dr Sim Kui Hian was criticised for trying to mislead the public by saying problems in Lanang will be overcome on the condition that Barisan National (BN) recaptures the seat.

In a press statement today, Abdul Aziz Isa, who is the special assistant to Pakatan Harapan Sarawak chairman Chong Chieng Jen and Democratic Action Party (DAP) Socialist Youth (DAPSY) Sarawak publicity secretary said Dr Sim’s statement which was published by a local daily today is just election rhetoric. He claimed that the lack of development in the Lanang parliamentary constituency is due to BN’s unwillingness to overcome and resolve the problem despite holding powers at both state and federal levels.

“My question for Dr Sim is, how many “conditions” does the rakyat need to fulfill in order for BN to deliver its promises?

“Lanang parliamentary seat is made up of two state seats namely Bukit Assek and Dudong, of which, Bukit Assek was won by DAP while Dudong was won by BN. In the last state election, BN said the same thing when they contested in Dudong state constituency.”

Abdul Aziz said Dr Sim’s statement implied that BN is not sincere in helping the rakyat due to their political affiliation and that the Dudong rep, Datuk Tiong Thai King, had failed to bring any development despite winning the seat from DAP as a direct BN candidate in the 2016 state election.

“As a Senator appointed by the Prime Minister under SUPP’s quota to look after Sarawak, such a statement coming from Dr Sim is unbecoming and childish. It doesn’t reflect his role as an appointed Senator in the upper chamber, Dewan Negara.

“Dr Sim should act like a statesman and not threaten the Lanang voters for their choices made. If Dr Sim is sincere enough to serve the nation as a Senator, he should fight for more development budget for the Lanang parliamentary seat in Dewan Negara.

“He should also be able to allocate more funds for the Lanang parliamentary seat annually since he is from BN.” — DayakDaily