Did Baru jump the gun in appointing parliamentary coordinators?

Larry Sng

KUCHING, Feb 23: Has the appointment of Pakatan Harapan (PH) parliamentary coordinators to serve the federal coalition seats in Sarawak been revoked as alleged by Julau MP Larry Sng?

Sng, who is a member of PKR central leadership, has issued a statement in his social media page that the appointment of 19 parliamentary coordinators have been revoked.

Sng claimed he was informed of the revocation which was decided in the presidential council meeting on Friday evening. He said that that the appointment of parliamentary coordinators will be raised in the next presidential council meeting.

“In order to make this work smoothly, we need the cooperation and input from all members of PH parties namely DAP, Amanah and Bersatu, including those within PKR. That Unfortunately was lacking from yesterday’s announcement by (Sarawak PKR chairman) Baru Bian.

“In light of this, I was informed that the Presidential Council last night (Feb 21), decided to revoke (others would say put on hold) the appointments and this matter will be discussed again the next presidential council meeting,” he claimed.

The Facebook posting under the account “Larry Sng”

He opined that Baru had jumped the gun in making the decision to appoint the parliamentary coordinators without discussion with other PH Sarawak leaders.

The appointment of 19 parliamentary coordinators by Baru has received much criticism from various quarters including some of the party’s grassroots members.

It was also alleged that the appointment of those 19 parliamentary coordinators were done by Baru in his capacity as the Works Minister.

Yesterday, PKR Batang Sadong branch issued a statement in protest of the appointment of Jamilah Baharuddin as the parliamentary coordinator for the Batang Sadong constituency. 

The branch committee explained that her appointment was done without the consultation from the grassroots people including the branch chief. It further alleged that her appointment was linked to certain leaders of the state party’s leadership. They believed her appointment was unfair and an act of abuse of power.

Amanah Youth chief Abu Tariq also criticised Baru for making the appointment without seeking agreement from other component parties of PH.

He reportedly said the appointment by Baru has deprived representatives of Amanah Sarawak the opportunity of being appointed as parliamentary coordinators in constituencies that the party had contested in the 2018 general election.

Many questioned if Baru obtained the approval from PH Sarawak (coalition partners) in particular its chairman Chong Chieng Jen for the appointment.

Some also questioned whether the parliamentary coordinators would serve under the Works Ministry, considering that Baru had made the appointment under the ministry.

As at press time, both Baru and Chong have not responded to Sng’s Facebook posting.

However, Chong has announced that he would give a press conference tomorrow, although the subject matter was not announced. — DayakDaily