Denying Sarawakians of UDI rights “seditious”, claims PBK

Voon Lee Shan

KUCHING, Aug 14:  Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) has maintained that denying Sarawakians of unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) rights is “seditious”.

Its president Voon Lee Shan said the allegations by some politicians and members of public that UDI propounded by PBK could cause bloodshed is an irresponsible and scare tactic denying the legal rights of Sarawakians and deprived them the option of UDI which is a way to gain the state’s independence.

“PBK views this as seditious because to say UDI could cause bloodshed could create ill feelings among the people,” said Voon in a press statement today.

Citing a recent local forum where a politician who made the claim was booed and shooed by the audience, Voon held that to deny Sarawakians of UDI would cause anger and frustration among the people.

“This shows that to say UDI will cause bloodshed is capable of creating ill feelings and could be viewed as seditious. Therefore, in Sarawak, if a person (who) is against UDI and says UDI can cause bloodshed, that person could face the wrath of the law under Sedition Act 1948,” said Voon who is formerly Batu Lintang assemblyman.

He stated that PBK is seeking independence by peaceful means and this includes seeking independence for Sarawak by way of UDI.

“Strategies employed by Singapore could suitably fit into our plans – that is, to irritate the federal government and force the federal government to come to negotiation table and then UDI if all demands not resolved within the time frame given.

“UDI can either be by Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN or Sarawak State Assembly) or by the Cabinet only – See UDI by Kosovo and Rhodesia.”

To him, UDI is the way out for Sarawak and not independence referendum.  Citing Scotland as an example, he believed that independence referendum as championed by some local activists and politicians is complicated, time consuming and may not yield the desired result.

“What Parti Bumi Kenyalang wants is independence and we believe it’s not in Sarawak’s interest and advantage to stay in the federation of Malaysia longer,” he added.— DayakDaily