DAP rep supports Masing’s call to engage third party consultant

Violet Yong - file pic

KUCHING, Sept 8: Democratic Action Party (DAP) Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong supports the decision of Development and Port Development Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing to engage a third party consultant to investigate the cause of the tilted anchor pillar of the Satok Suspension Bridge.

In view that the Public Works Department (JKR) of Sarawak was the designer and implementing agency for the bridge project, she agreed with Masing’s statement that JKR Sarawak cannot be both ‘judge and jury’ at the same and thus a third party consultant must be appointed to conduct an independent investigation.

This, Yong added was to avoid cover-ups and disclaimer of responsibility.

At the same time, Yong also requested Masing to make a full disclosure concerning the nine mega bridges along the coastal highway which the state will be building.

The bridges are the Batang Rambungan Bridge with bridge span of 560 meter; Batang Lupar Bridge, a bridge span of 5.1km; Batang Saribas, 1.55km; Krian Bridge, 690 meter; Maura Lassa Bridge, 2.44km; Batang Rajang Bridge, 1.208km; Batang Paloh Bridge, 1.7km; Batang Igan Bridge, 1.8km and Jepak Kemena Bridge, 1.212km.

“Are the design works of all the bridges designed by JKR Sarawak or external consultants?

“If all the nine huge bridge-building projects are designed by JKR Sarawak, what are the precautionary measures (JKR is) going to take in ensuring the design works are properly done and will not having the same problem as the Satok Suspension Bridge?” she enquired.  — DayakDaily