Covid-19: Miri returnees to be issued Home Quarantine Order

Lee (second right) speaking to medical officers during his visit to the Miri Indoor Stadium.

By Brad Rantayy

MIRI, Aug 2: Travelers from West Malaysia, Labuan and Dabah returning to Miri Division with residential addresses within Miri District will be issued Home Quarantine Orders by health officials, says the minister in-charge for the Miri Division Disaster Management Committee (MDDMC).

The date and time for their Day 2 swab will be explained and written on their Quarantine Order document, revealed Datuk Lee Kim Shin, who is also the Minister for Transport.

“On the said day and time, they are to come over to the designated swab centre which will be Miri Indoor Stadium, and their swabs will be taken by health personnel stationed there.

“The Miri Indoor Stadium has just been set up as a One-Stop Swab Centre during this period to cater for the influx of travelers who will require their Day 2 swab to be taken promptly on the scheduled day.

“Miri Indoor Stadium has good parking facilities and ventilation for the general public, the stadium is convenient for the healthcare personnel to perform the swab with their Personal Protective Equipment suits and the related safety aspects,” he pointed out.

Lee made these remarks in reference to the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC)’s quarantine policy for returnees from Aug 1-14.

He alsl revealed that daily sanitation would be carried out at the premises by the Miri Fire and Safety Department (Bomba) team.

Travelers are advised to follow the appointment day/time for the Day 2 swab at Miri Indoor Stadium.

“Please wear 3-ply masks and adhere to the social distancing rules. Once the swab procedure has been completed, they must return to their homes to continue the quarantine process,” Lee explained.

The swab results will be disseminated to them by SMS Infoblast on their phones.

Once they have received their results, they can come over to the Miri Indoor Stadium to secure their Quarantine Release Order.

Meanwhile, for travelers with residential addresses in Subis, Beluru, Marudi or Telang Usan, they will be admitted to a government quarantine centre (designated hotels) upon arrival at Miri Airport or the Sg Tujoh CIQ.

“They will be transported to a government quarantine centre and a swab will be done on Day 2 there. Once the results is negative, they will be discharged to their respective homes with a Quarantine Release Order,” Lee said.

Lee highlighted that those with a recent history of returning from overseas ( including from Brunei) will be quarantined at government quarantine centre (designated hotels) and swabs will done on Day 2 and Day 10 there.

“Once the results are negative and they have completed 14 days’ quarantine, they will be discharged to their respective homes,” he added. — DayakDaily