Covid-19 – Active case detection team dispatched to contain Baki cluster

Uggah (middle), Dr Sim (third left), Dr Majorie (second left), Dr Chin (first left) and Lo (first right) in a discussion of the ACD operation at Kampung Haji Baki this morning (Oct 25, 2020).

KUCHING, Oct 25: An Active Case Detection (ACD) operation involving 100 health personnel has been launched at Kampung Haji Baki after yesterday’s report of a new Covid-19 cluster materialised tagged as the Baki cluster.

State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) chairman Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas said the one-day operation since this morning is aimed to “detect and isolate” potentially infected individuals in the area.

He said two Covid-19 clusters have been detected at Kampung Haji Baki and the State Health Department suspects a possible spread of the virus to the community already.

“The first (cluster) was a family involving three people and the second family has five people, so in total, we (SDMC) have recorded eight positive cases here.

“The State Health Department thinks there is the possibility the sickness has spread out to the community, and that is why we are doing the ACD operation involving 100 health personnel under Dr Majorie Ensayan Junting,” he explained in a statement today.

For ACD purposes, a makeshift centre has been set up in front of some shop lots where free Covid-19 swab tests can be done for those who went to check up voluntarily.

As for those who could not visit the booth themselves, Uggah gave the assurance that health personnel would be sent to their homes for the tests.

Health personnel performing Covid-19 swab tests on residents from Kampung Haji Baki who went voluntarily.

“We are testing in Block A of the kampung with about 600 people. Those in Block B and Block C, are encouraged to come on a voluntary basis.

“For those who are sick and the elderly who are immobilised, the health personnel will visit them at their houses for the test as they are the most vulnerable group,” he said.

Together with Uggah at the temporary centre were SDMC advisor Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian, State Health Department director Dr Chin Zin Ming and Padawan District Council (MPP) chairman Lo Khere Chiang.-DayakDaily