‘Choose next Sarawak govt wisely’, Minos advises Bidayuh community

Datuk Peter Minos

KUCHING, Jan 11: The Bidayuh community has a vital role to play in the coming state election to determine if Sarawak will continue to be governed by local-based parties.

Former Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) president Datuk Peter Minos said the Bidayuhs, like any other communities, can decide on vital issues affecting the state.

This includes determining whether Sarawak will be ruled by Sarawak-based parties or peninsula-based opposition through their local proxies, he opined.

“The Bidayuhs cannot afford to be confused and split over this issue due to local differences and disputes, as well as on petty matters. My humble view is that what affects Sarawak will directly affects the Bidayuhs,” Minos said in conjunction with DBNA 65th anniversary dinner at its headquarters here yesterday.

He believed that Sarawak politics is best left to Sarawakians to handle and not outsiders.

“Loving Sarawak and all that have made Sarawak what it is today, especially being free of racial and religious bigotry and prejudice, means that Sarawak must be run by fellow Sarawakians, not by outsiders.

“So, the Bidayuhs must get it right on this matter of great importance to Sarawak and to themselves,” he opined.

Minos said many Bidayuhs often wondered why they are found in various political parties, both in the ruling Sarawak government coalition and the opposition.

“I have no answer, only to say that one day and hopefully in my lifetime, all Bidayuhs will fully realise how vital it is for a small Bumiputera group like theirs to be united in one political party, that is in government in Sarawak.

“Maybe one day they will appreciate and emulate a fellow minority group in Sarawak, the Melanaus, which fully utilised political unity in greatly serving themselves and Sarawak in all aspects, in which we all do admire and respect,” Minos said.

The former Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) information chief expressed hope that the Bidayuhs will realise that political unity would be their greatest strength, helping the community tackle social and economic issues facing them.

He said the Bidauh must also continue to prioritise education, as well as having the right political attitude to have better socioeconomic future. — DayakDaily